How to bet on football favorites

  1. First, you go to the website by using the password that you have already received from the membership application. Then go to the main page of betting on that website.
  2. Enter the main page. You will find various symbols, for example, red is the pair of balls that are playing now,
    blue is for betting on the team’s name in advance. which the team has not competed
    in, red is the team against the team’s name, blue is the second team,
    the dark black is if you play 1,000 baht, if you can play, you will get 770 baht Simply put, black is a complete loss. If you get it, you’ll get the price shown. while the red color is full, but if you lose, you will lose as the price is shown as well.
    HDP or handicap is the goal of the ball
    . GOAL means goal. high and low play by counting the total score
  3. If you want to see the pattern of football betting You click into the betting category. A football table will appear with information about the football matches in each league. Within the table, there are clearly stated European and Asian odds. What kind of play do you like to choose to bet on? Along with choosing a betting format that will have 2 main types of football betting, namely single ball betting and step football betting as for other forms of betting, they are divided into odd-even bets, over-under bets, and end game total predictions. and predicting which team will score first It increases the fun of being able to win twice as much as before.
  4. When you have chosen a form of football betting Next, you can choose the pair you want to bet on. Then click on the ‘price’ you wish to bet on.
  5. When you’ve done all the steps. It will appear as information about your bet. It will indicate your chosen team, odds, odds, and the total amount you have staked. If you check that all betting information is correct. You either click confirm or click Done within that menu. At this point, your football betting is considered complete. You can go and watch the match right away.